Boost your pitch


1 day workshop to produce a captivating pitch in the form of a ministory of maximum 4 minutes. Coach Peter Perceval explores all the basic content you need, next you find a form to enhance retention and motivation in your audience. Finally, you get a shot at performing convincingly.


For Whom?

Anyone who struggles with translating their (business) idea to a potential audience or investors. One participant who had already done his pitch more than 150 times for potential investors told us that this workshop was a breakthrough in the way he packaged his idea: the new story finally attracted the investors he had been looking for. 


We help you brake down your story in a small group of max. 15 participants.  In our experience we see this gives people a fresh perspective on things they have been working on for a long time. At the end of the day a presentation of all the stories for the group shows you how your new story works.

What you'll learn?

Turn your idea into a captivating story in 1 day

A good story starts by asking yourself some good questions

Learn to look at your idea through the eyes of your potential clients

Get some hands-on tips and tricks to pimp your story

Know what to do to make your idea unforgettable

Get feedback form your coach and from real people

Take away tips and tricks to harvest the reactions you’re looking for

Coming soon to a location near you

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A day of intensive coaching by international author and acclaimed speaker Peter Perceval costs you only €493.43 (VAT INCLUDED Price per person) in this package.





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