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1 day workshop in which you learn to create interesting blogs in order to attract and maintain an audience. You will learn how to write catchy stories about your (professional) activities. Expert Peter Perceval will coach you using his method of creating surprising and captivating blog stories, which is applicable immediately. Either to make a written story, or to turn it into a visual story. Of course, we will also take a look at how you can use social media and SEO to increase your reach.  

For Who?

Do you want to build an audience via the internet for your brand or your activities? Then this is the course for you! Everything starts with a good story. Because a good story always draws attention. And since the best stories are the ones that people like to tell others, which means they can also acquire new customers for you, your level of writing or professionalism isn’t relevant. Thanks to coach Peter Perceval's unique coaching method, both seasoned bloggers and inexperienced but ambitious people can level up their skills in this course. In any case, you'll be inspired to start creating your blog right away. 


We develop a powerful blog story you can translate after the workshop to the carrier of your choice, whether it is video, slideshow or plain text. You will learn to consolidate the core of your message very precisely and you will gain insight into how best to approach your audience. In one day you will get the foundation of a successful blog strategy by focusing on what really matters: the content! But to create a spotlight for a good story, you also have to work on visibility. So you learn to make social media work for you to contact and seduce your audience.

Make your story work for you

This is what you learn from coach Peter Perceval in 1 day

Find out where to get inspiration
Think about your potential audience and how they read your message
Write a clear story about your mission

Learn how to separate main from side-issues
Find out what’s the importance of a good title and the right images
Hands-on tips and tricks to make your ideas work on different carriers



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