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A 3 hour session with TEDX-speaker and coach Peter Perceval. Do you have an important message that no one seems to understand? Are you preaching in the desert? Do you want to advocate change, but nobody is listining? Do you want to know how to get people intrested? Then this short session is a refreshing course format for you. Tedx speaker and experienced coach Peter Perceval will teach you how to give your message impact. You will learn how you can share your vision with a team and how to make sure that other people remember your message and you.



Do you want to inspire a team? Do you see opportunities that no one else sees? In short, do you want to take the lead or guide others to increase their potential. But you may doubt the content of your story, or you doubt your capacities as a speaker? In our programmes over the past 10 years we helped than 800 team and company managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, etc... 



You'll get the self-confidence you lack to craft a convincing message. You will learn what to work on to increase your impact. Even if you classify yourself in the category of "hopeless cases", our experts have a few tips up their sleeves for you. You will leave with concrete assignments and a lot of ideas to put your new knowledge to practice. 

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This 3-hour session costs only 88,5 € (VAT incl)

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