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Dreaming about writing a book? Do you want to share your expertise and brand your name? Do you have a nice story in mind or do you want to tell your life story? In a series of coachings (online or live) you will get tips, tricks and exercises on all elements of the writing process: looking for a capturing opening paragraph, choosing the right structure, as well as choosing a title that arouses immediate interest among publishers. After all, there is a simple solution for all obstacles in the writing process. The more serious your project is, the more hours of of individual coaching you can book with coach Peter Perceval. Whatever your choice, Peter will guide you to a solid foundation for your book!


For Who?

The packages are useful for those who want to venture into fiction as well as for people who want to write non-fiction. Just pick your project: you want to share a good idea, or write a compelling novel, make your expertise manageable, or write down your life story. Maybe you have been walking around with the idea for your book for a long time, but you get stuck in the work. Then finding a good story is the key for you. After all, a good story transcends the boundaries of genres and categories. And since coach Peter Perceval is an internationally acknowledged expert in storytelling, he can explain you how to build a compelling story from your idea. You can book up to 20 hours of individual coaching with this experienced instructor!


The aim of the program is to finish off your manuscript and prepare it for presentation to publishers. Writer and coach Peter Perceval will give you a number of interactive exercises to guide you through the labyrinth of your ideas. The exercises will give you a new perspective on the topics you want to write about and how they can appeal to an audience. You will gain insight into all steps of the content process and you will also receive tips on how to clear up any roadblocks. You learn how to turn an idea into a valuable book and how to present it to a publisher. These packages offer you up to 20 hours of individual feedback online about your book in the making from coach Peter Perceval.






*2 hours of individual coaching








Starter +

*5 hours individual feedback with coach Peter Perceval









*10 hours of individual feedback with Peter Perceval




*16 hours individual feedback with coach Peter Perceval

1675 €



*22 hours of individual feedback over 1 year with coach Peter Perceval




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