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What do your employees or team members have to say about their job or about the company? A company is like a football team. If the members of the team don't know what the vision and the way of working in the company means in concrete terms, then your team is in danger of only scoring owngoals and losing games by consequence. In this training we will work with a group of people to make them discover and tell the story of their job, their motivation and the company or its products so that they become true brand ambassadors!


In this training we focus on small groups of employees (max 10 persons). It's not a problem if they work in different departments and are completely unfamiliar with each other. Age and level of experience in speaking or writing are also irrelative. During this course we give people enough tools to enable them to talk about their work and the company in a credible and authentic way, and in doing so we demonstrate the impact of their position or function to them.


Just as in our open courses, the premise is that we help you deliver an actionable result. Targeted work intensifies the attention and enthusiasm of the participants. We like to discuss what your company goals are: a public presentation with short lectures that can be recorded on video (of about 10'), or an internal roundtable in which participants present their final result to each other. On the basis of your demand, we create the supply.

Inspire customers by the right story

Transform team members to ambassadors

Write One story together

Inspire: real professionals teach real skills

Share your mission, vision, values

Inspire your team with a shared story

Inspire customers and team members

Increase your impact, increase your succes

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Pricing depends on the number of groups and coaches you want to engage. We'll be very happy to make you a tailor-made quote, clearly indicating the weight of all components on the total budget. We also like to take a look at our quotes while submitting them to make sure we didn't forget anything.

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