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Through their inspiring website and events, TED have set a new standard for speakers. In this one-day workshop, TEDX speaker and coach Peter Perceval shows how to put a good story together. Based on his own experience in making TED speeches, he will guide you through some interactive exercises to turn your idea into an attractive and TED-worthy story. Because doing it is still better than reading a book about it!


For You?

Do you want engage an audience, make a strong statement with a story that can attract worldwide attention? Are you aspiring for a live audience to hang on to your lips for 12 or 18 minutes, and in the process capture an online audience with it? Do you want to learn how to make and tell unique and personal stories to inspire others? Then this one day session is made for you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker. In this masterclass, you will certainly pick up new skills from a coach who has already taught and trained more than 700 professional speakers. 


TEDX speaker and coach Peter Perceval shares his experience and offers you interactive and very practical exercises. These ensure that you develop a new perspective on the subject you want to talk about and how they can appeal to an audience. You will gain insight into all the steps needed to succesfully submit a talk to a TEDX-committee. You'll hav the opportunity to test on stage how much fun it can be to inspire an audience.  So stress is no longer an issue afterwards. 


An unforgettable experience: 1 day with one of Europes leading speakers coaches:

Merely 580,8 € (VAT incl), catering inluded.







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