Bootcamp for speakers


Two days of workshops in small groups (max 7 participants), during which you work on your own presentation with our top experts. Both in terms of content and performance. We will welcome you in a top location and provide lunches, snacks in between and moments of relaxation. 


For You?

This course is an eye-opener for beginners and pros. Our mission is to give everyone the individual attention they need through interactive workshops, so you'll be advised at your level of expertise. Groups are limited to a maximum of 7 participants so there is enough time to really work on your project. 


We work with each participant towards a powerful 5-minute presentation on a subject of your choice. Whether it is a professional project, an assignment from your employer or a personal story: anything is possible.  We offer a professional video recording of your presentation which will be made available on our video platform.

What will you learn from our topexperts?

This is what Peter Perceval & An Nelissen offer you.

The keys to an inspiring speech
Translate your idea in a clear presentation.
Believe in yourself, your authentic way and the power of your idea.

Tell your story in in lively way and engage the audience.
Overcome your nerves in hands on theaterexercices
Make your audience a partner! 
Use humor to tickle your audience.
Master the art of convincing arguments.
Make everybody understand your message.

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Two day training by topcoaches will cost you merely 1450,-€ (ex TVA)

Meals included!

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