Coach and TDX-speaker Peter Perceval offers you interactive exercises to develop your story. These give you the opportunity to test and adjust the clarity and appeal of your business idea. This of course is a learning moment about how viable your (business) story actually is. In the end you will have all the elements at hand to present your highly personalized pitch using a model that’s very handy and applicable for any kind of pitch, regardless of the subject you want to talk about. If you want to, it’s possible to upgrade your subscription to get 1 on 1 feedback online. During an individual online feedback session you can ask Peter Perceval additional questions.


The story behind an idea or a product was never more important. No surprise! It’s fundamental for the bond of trust you forge with your audience, whether they are future customers or partners. But you often don’t get enough time to tell that story. Sometimes you have to make do with barely 90 seconds. How do you create impact? In 18 short videos with filled tips, tricks and hands on examples by TEDX speaker and coach Peter Perceval, you will learn how to make a compelling and memorable pitch. You can also order 1 on 1 online feedback on your pitch by this experienced coach!


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